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Visual Schedule for Distance Learning – Free Printable PDF

We finished our first week of virtual learning. I had been trying to create a visual schedule to go along with it. But things change, or should I say Pivot. That’s the big buzzword right now. The landscape keeps changing and we adapt along with it. Pivot pivot pivot.

Anyhow, I have a final set of images for a visual schedule. If you are new to these, let me give you a brief background on what these are used for. It’s a set of images that helps a person know what to expect. Like a checklist. It helps my autistic son with knowing what to expect, when things start and finish.

If you Google or search Pinterest, you’ll see a whole variety of ways people create their schedules. I like to use a storage clipboard, it keeps all our images in one place. Some like to use magnets and a fridge. Or just a wall.

Visual schedule for autism students. A storage clipboard holds all the images.

I also like to laminate mine so they last longer. But it’s certainly not a requirement! Regular paper or cardstock works just fine.

To download the visual schedule images click here. You will need Adobe Reader to view and print the PDF.

First time creating a visual schedule? Here are the basic steps.

  1. Print the PDF
  2. Trim the images into individual squares
  3. If you have a laminator, turn on to heat up. Then arrange your images on a laminating sheet. Once the laminator is ready, feed the sheet into the laminator.
  4. Cut the laminated images.
  5. You can attach velcro dots to the back to use on a board. Or magnet if you’re using on a fridge.
  6. Prepare a board or wall to use the images.
  7. Now you have your visual schedule ready!
Amazon brand laminator for use with creating visual schedule
The laminator I use for making these visual schedules
Velcro Dots. I think I bought these on Black Friday for a really good price.

And now for some legalese. I know most of you know this already 🙂

These visual schedule images are for personal or educational use only. They may not be resold. For commercial or organizational use please message me for more information.