Daily Life

Out of Quarantine (And Back To School!)

After what seems like the Longest Spring Break in history, my little guy went back to school today! We’ve been eagerly anticipating the day and working hard to prep for it. I bought an Alen air purifier which is rated to filter out the Coronavirus and other contaminants. Made of bunch of masks. And of course designed a shirt to commemorate the moment. I think a whole week of shirts is in order. After all, it’s been seven months since my kiddo has been at school.

Am I scared? Not really. We had a trial run this summer when he went to the Jill’s House summer camp. They ran it for 10 weeks and it went really well. So I think with safety protocols in place they should be ok. They do the temperature check, masks, washing hands every 30 minutes, cleaning.

Also I think there are only four or five students in the class. Should be manageable. Also prayer helps, I pray every day for protection over the students and staff of the school.

I did find myself missing him throughout the day. We had become peas in a pod during this pandemic. But I’m glad he’s back in his Happy Place.

Although distance/virtual learning was tough, I also feel it was a privilege to come alongside the teachers to help my son learn. I had the most fun with the specials classes. I had no idea how his art, music and PE classes were before. I only knew about his work if something came home through the backpack. Otherwise I had no idea what went on in those classes. As we did schooling from home, I found myself looking forward to music class each week. I could see why it was a favorite among the students.

For those of you who are still at home, my heart goes out to you. It is really tough, hang in there. At some point this pandemic has to go away. Some day your kid is going back.