Daily Life

New book coming out

Has it really been four months since my last post? Things have been really busy. The little guy has gone back to school. There were times where they had to shut down due to Covid. But for the most part he’s been in school and is doing well.

My older son opted to stay with distance learning. It’s been hard for him to stay motivated. I work with him as much as I can, it keeps him going.

Anyhow, I want to share about this book I’ve been working since last summer. I really want to tell the story of how autistic kids have struggled during this pandemic.

I realize all kids have struggled. But special needs kids in particular have been hit hard. School is a major source of support for these children. And obviously with all the shut downs they are missing those supports.

Well I’m proud to say the book is complete! I’ve submitted it to Amazon and just waiting on approval. The main character is a boy named Adam.

I went through many title ideas before I settled on “Adam Wakes Up To A Day Of Surprises.” It describes how his day begins and unfolds. The storyline will be familiar to autism families, with a few twists. Most everything in this book happened in real life.
Stay tuned! Hopefully Amazon will approve my book soon and I can share more about it. 🤞🏻