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My book is published!

It’s live on Amazon! My illustrated book is about how the pandemic affected children with autism. It’s a story that I wanted to shine a spotlight on. I think all kids will be able relate to it. As I write this, I still have nephews and nieces who are still virtual schooling. And I know they all want to go back to school. They all want to go back to their normal lives.

As I developed the book, it also became a story about the teachers. They really do go above and beyond! And yes everything you read in the story was based on real life events.

The story starts with a boy named Adam. He slowly wakes up to what should be a regular school day. I don’t specify what day and date it is, but one of the pages reveals that. (Hint: it’s on a wall. And yes school really did shut down on that day. True story).

But as he soon finds out, that will not be the case. He will be staying home for a long time to come.
The story will be from the perspective of Adam. We learn along the way that he has autism. The story doesn’t specify but he is also nonverbal. He does not speak a word at all, but communicates through his gestures, emotions and expressions.

Adam encounters a few twists and turns along the way. And a lot of emotional ups and downs. But thankfully he has the support of his family and the community around him.

I currently have this book available on Amazon as a paperback and e-book. I’m trying to figure out how to make hardback copies available, as well as a Spanish translated version. Stay tuned!

To order your copy, click here.