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Summer Pool Party & BBQ

I’m the treasurer of POAC (Parents of Autistic Children). It’s a nonprofit that provides support to the parents in the autism community. One of the things we do is host events. It’s been tough to do much during the pandemic. But once the restrictions began to loosen up, we started planning.

It’s important for us to do this. As many in the autism community know, there aren’t many places we can take our children. They may have sensory issues or have a hard time with an unfamiliar and strange place. So as an organization we try to hold events throughout the year. We provide a safe space where parents don’t have to worry about how their kids will act. They can melt down and you know what? Everyone will understand. It’s no big deal.

One of the annual events POAC organizes is a pool and BBQ party. I will admit, I’ve never been to one before. But this year I became the organizer.

Knights of Columbus was kind enough to let us use their facilities for free. We had the pool, grill and picnic areas.

entry into the Knights of Columbus facility
Entry into the Knights of Columbus facility.

So I designed an invite and we announced the event to the community. We offered a certain number of spots due to capacity limits at the pool. It sold out the by the second day.


We also ordered BBQ sandwiches from Rockland’s. POAC had used them before for previous parties and the board members wanted to order again. I could see why, their BBQ sandwiches were amazingly delicious! I think they are the best BBQ sandwich I have ever had. And I’ve tried plenty in the area including Willards and Red, Hot and Blue.

We also ordered ice cream from Jake’s. If you’re not familiar with the place, they employ adults from the disability community. So it was important for us to support this business. I ordered 60 servings of vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, and guava ice cream. They packaged them in these cute polka-dot containers.

As we got close to the day of the event, there was rain in the forecast. Since our party was outdoors, this would present a challenge. And when we reached the day, guess what? There was still rain in the forecast. The board members discussed what to do and if we should make alternate plans. In the end we decided to proceed with the party.

I was worried about if anyone was going to come out. Who wants to go to a BBQ and pool party in the rain?

Thankfully it did not deter some families. They came out and made the best of it. The kids enjoyed the pool. Everyone enjoyed the yummy food and treats. I enjoyed meeting families in person. I’m amazed and thankful they showed up. And there was plenty of food to take home. I made sure everyone took several containers of ice cream 🙂

Kids enjoying the pool in the rainy soggy weather!
Thankfully we had a canopy tent to eat under.

We were happy that we could pull this off. We definitely have some planning to do for next year, come up with a Plan B in case it rains. But overall, I’d say it was still a good experience. Before we left, the board members got together for a group photo.

board members
Board members Group Photo

Then here is me in my polo shirt 🙂