Hi there, welcome to my site. I am a mom to a young son with autism. I started this site to share what I’ve learned over the years. There’s so much to know and it can be overwhelming. I will talk about all thing related to autism and special needs: therapies, school, other related health issues such as sensory processing disorder.

I confess I don’t post as often as I’d like. I need another ten hours in my day! And I don’t know a lick about WordPress. Hence the bare bones site. But my hope is to develop this into a good resource for everyone.

My other goal is to one day have a foundation for autism and special needs causes. As you’ll discover, there are a limited number of group homes for adults with special needs. At some point my son will need one. We’d have to sign up for waitlists and hope we get into one. OR, I can start raising the funds to build group homes. So my hope is to start a nonprofit that can provide the funding and fill this need.

I am also learning that once kids graduate from high school and become legal adults, services seem to disappear. There is not a whole lot out there for adults with autism. Or adults with disabilities for that matter. I dream of having some sort of day program or employment program. Maybe both.

I am currently a graphic artist for a couple retail companies. And I also serve as the treasurer for the Parents of Autistic Children in Northern Virginia (poac-nova.org).

I also act in a supportive role for Toys For Teachers, a nonprofit that collects toys for special needs classrooms. I designed their fun pineapple logo.

My claim to fame is making it into the Guinness Book of World Records (Sort of in a roundabout way). A design I created made into the records. You can read about it here.