The Story Behind The Name

How did we get our name? When I started this blog years ago I tried to purchase a domain name. I wanted something with autism, but every variation with autism was taken! I went through dozens of names only to find that the domain name was taken. Weeks later the words Ausome Wonder came to mind. Ausome is a play on the words Awesome and Autism. The word Wonder has a positive vibe.

I quickly looked to see if it was taken and to my surprise – it was available! I quickly snapped it up. It’s been years and I still love the name. I think it suits us well.

I chose mountains for the logo. We love the outdoors and nature. Mountains are also metaphors for the challenges we face in life, and how we meet and overcome them. You’ll encounter some rough spots along the way. But when you reach the top the view will be amazing! You’ll be looking at it with awe and wonder.